• $250000000

Shaddai Yacht

Gabriele Teruzzi expresses all his creativity in this “out of the box” concept. Since the moment he was in front of the blank sheet still didn’t know what would be the final result, but he had a clear idea of the sensation of omnipotence that he wanted to transmit. He wanted to take the owner to a point of extreme sense of power. As a matter of fact, SHADDAI means Omnipotent, so the yacht takes a name that corresponds perfectly to the main concept that the designer had in mind since the beginning. To ascend from the ground has been a desire in the human kind since the very beginnings. There are precious examples like the Tower of Babel, the Pyramids in Egypt and today in the magnificent skyscrapers, the wish to touch the clouds continue to be present in the most powerful minds. The futuristic shape of the yacht is inspired by the most contemporary architectures.